Mobile concrete batching plant using XCMG Twin shaft mixer

What is mobile concrete batching plant?

The number of construction projects and the demand for concrete is increasing day by day, in addition, the completion time of projects is getting shorter and shorter, hence the advent of the mobile batching plant - a simple, easy-to-install batching plant. place, easy to move is inevitable. To learn more about this type of mixing station, please refer to the following article:

1. Mobile concrete batching plant concept
1.1. Definition of mobile concrete batching plant
Mobile concrete batching plant also known as mobile batching plant is a batching plant whose components are mounted on a frame with axles and wheels for easy towing by trailer and quick setup.


Mobile concrete batching plant manufactured by XCMG

1.2. Features of mobile batching plant
- High flexibility. It is easier to move than a stationary batching plant, thanks to the wheels that make it convenient to pull the station by truck, while the stationary batching plant has to use many large trucks to transport each system separately.

- Easier and faster installation thanks to the main systems installed on the frame, so there is almost no need to remove when moving. On average, a fixed batching plant with medium capacity takes 14-21 days to install, while a moving station takes only 7-9 days.

- More compact, saving installation space than stationary batching plant, so this batching plant can be installed right in the construction site.

2. Construction of mobile concrete batching plant
 The mobile concrete batching plant consists of the following main parts:

- Aggregate storage hopper and aggregate transport conveyor

- The hopper holds and weighs the aggregate

- Cement silo with screw conveyor

- Powder and liquid weighing system

- Concrete mixers: often use forced mixers to mix all the ingredients evenly and quickly.


Transporting mobile batching plants

- Control system: is an automatic PLC control system via computer to ensure high accuracy.

- Frame and wheels: the system of aggregate storage hopper, conveyor, aggregate weighing, powder weighing, water balance and mixer are all installed on the frame equipped with wheels, so only one truck is needed to pull it. other location. Other systems will be transported by another truck or container.

3. Application of mobile concrete batching plant
Mobile concrete batching plant is widely applied in construction projects taking place in a short time, helping project owners to be more active and independent in producing concrete for their construction site.

Not only that, it is also used in commercial concrete mixing. Commercial concrete companies take advantage of the mobility and flexibility of this type of station to supply concrete for large projects far away from their batching plant, expanding their customer base.

⇒ Distinguishing project and commercial concrete batching plant

Understanding the basic knowledge about the mobile batching plant above will help in the process of learning and choosing the batching plant.